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Develop practical skills required by customer-centric industries

Our courses

Customer Journey Mapping Fundamentals

This practical course is a must for anyone who wants to get started with customer journey mapping — from basic concepts to creating a map from scratch.

Customer Interview Techniques

Learn to create effective personas based on research and advanced segmentation. Understand your clients to design better products, experiences and value propositions.

Personas Fundamentals

Learn to create effective personas based on research and advanced segmentation. Understand your clients to design better products, experiences and value propositions.

Special Offers

Starter Pack

Customer Journey Mapping + Personas Fundamentals

All courses bundle

Customer Journey Mapping + Personas + Interview Techniques


Journey Mapping Team Pack

We know how much time and resources it takes to involve folks in journey mapping both on the team and the entire company:
  • sometimes you don't feel confident in the journey mapping topic.
  • your resources as a leader are limited, and you waste time teaching your team basics instead of focusing on strategy.
We prepared a Journey Mapping Team Pack to master journey mapping skills and get acquainted with the UXPressia tool for all of your team.

Academy is perfect for ...

Team leaders
Spread knowledge across the team to achieve better results.
Do you want your team to do customer research, create personas and customer journey maps, and make customer-centric decisions, but your educational resources are limited?
At our courses, your teammates will learn everything they need to know about customer experience and get lots of practical training with real cases and real CX tools.
Business owners
Steer your business towards an outstanding customer experience.
Are you trying to build a customer-centric culture in your company and reap its benefits? Would you like to establish a common customer-centric language and mindset across teams?
The Academy will unlock your teams’ CX and Service Design superpower by combining theory with practical training to provide your employees with essential knowledge and skills.
Agencies and consultants
Gain a competitive advantage by making your value proposition irresistible.
Eliminate the need for explaining CX basics to your clients.
Offer them what others don't have — online interactive courses where they will learn everything about customer experience from the best.
Focus on solving business-critical issues and providing expert advice and guidance while we'll take care of the educational part.
Advance your career with new skills. Stand out from the competition.
You want to step up your Customer Experience game or freshen up the existing knowledge?
Academy can help you hone your skills by teaching you the concepts and tools you need. You will immediately apply them through practical exercises and case study solving.
Learn at your own pace, build the right skills at the right time.
Get certified by UXPressia Academy
UXPressia Academy students have advanced CX skills and knowledge to quickly achieve your business’ customer-centricity goals and deliver high ROI.
Learn more about certification.
UXPressia Academy for education
We believe in the power of learning and we would love to give you a student discount if you are enrolled in a university, college, primary or secondary school.
Future-proof your CX skills
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