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Customer Journey Mapping Fundamentals

A practical online course to get started with journey mapping

Learn the proven step-by-step process of creating a journey map from scratch. Get a certificate of completion for your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Format: Interactive. Self-paced. 100% online.
Language: English, Espanol
Price: $50

Take the course to


Learn in-demand skills and increase your professional value.


Gain hands-on experience with proven strategies, learn how to apply them in your work.


Discover new things and structure the knowledge you already have.


Save your time: leverage journey mapping best practices and use professional software.

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1,500+ students took the course

The Customer Journey Mapping course is for people in


UX/UI design

CX management

Marketing & Sales

Branding & Communications

Product development


And everyone who wants to develop a customer-centric mindset


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What you will learn


What customer journey mapping is

Get acquainted with the concept of customer journey mapping:

  • What customer journey mapping is (and is not);

  • The value of visualizing your customer journey;

  • Where to get data for your map.


Touchpoints and channels

Analyze the path the customer goes through by differentiating touchpoints and channels:

  • The difference between touchpoints and channels;

  • How to identify them in a real customer interview.


Moments of truth

Practice in identifying and mapping the moments of truth:

  • What the moments of Pain and Glory are;

  • How to identify them.


Approximately 7 hours to complete the course


Journey mapping stages

Learn by practice. Define all the stages in the customer journey. You will find out:

  • Stages in journey map;

  • How they reflect the major goals your customer is trying to achieve.


Goals, problems, and emotions

Put yourself in customer's shoes to gain an understanding of:

  • The role of goals, problems, and emotions in journey mapping;

  • How to understand customer goals;

  • Why the emotional journey is so crucial.


Ideas and opportunities

Practice in finding opportunities and generating ideas on how to:

  • Fix existing problems;

  • Optimize the processes;

  • Increase customer satisfaction;

  • Other ways to improve the product or service.

As a bonus, you'll get one month of the UXPressia Starter plan for free, so you can start using the advanced functionality of the platform.


You will also get


Customer journey mapping checklist


Checklist for a customer journey mapping workshop


Prefilled customer journey map templates


Print-ready journey mapping cheat cards

What to expect

Interactive learning

We built the whole course in a conversation-based format to make your learning experience interactive and fun.


Learn by doing

Learn CJM concepts and tools and immediately put them into use during practical tasks.


A digital mentor will help you make the most of the course by sharing continuous feedback.


A real map

Throughout the course, you’ll be creating a customer journey map based on a real business case.


Students and experts about the course

While taking online courses you expect to have videos, this one is more like a chatbot dialog where you progress through different stages. It would be great for people who never did a customer journey – they do it while talking. Overall I think it’s quite engaging and helping you a lot to structure your knowledge.

Anfisa Bogomolova, UX design trainer,
Senior UX designer @ Citrix


I have my students do Google, Hootsuite, Hubspot, and other certifications in this class so that they have a competitive advantage when looking for a job.
It felt like a perfect match when I stumbled upon UXPressia Academy. Their customer journey mapping fundamentals course had everything that I needed and even more. It was super easy to integrate the course into the learning process. It helped to reinforce my lectures and gave my students a different take on the topic.

Glenn Platt, Director of Miami University’s Emerging Technology in Business + Design Program


Having us learn in an interactive way is something I really loved. In addition, the tool was very helpful while learning the concepts to practice instantly.

I’m really in love with the experience because the storytelling makes everything much easier to comprehend!
I’m super happy with the opportunity to take the course.

Amazing course. It was so interactive and it also told case samples quite well. Nice and simple, with humor, love it.

Somesh K S

Interaction designer @ Digital product school

Desirée Nyári

UX Designer @ Banco Carrefour

Juri Hartikainen


Earn a certificate

A certificate from UXPressia Academy to provide proof for your employer, colleagues, school, or other institution that you have successfully completed the course.
You can add it to your CV or share on Linkedin.


Start learning today




Lifetime access to the course & its future updates


1 month of UXPressia paid membership for FREE


Shareable course completion certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any videos to watch?

There are none. It’s an interactive course in the form of dialogue. Built like a game, the course turns learning into a fun and interactive experience.

Can journey mapping beginners take the course?

Yes! This course requires no prior customer journey mapping experience. This course will teach you how to create successful customer journey maps from scratch.

I’m already working on a customer journey map. Should I take the course anyway?

Sure thing. This course will help you to improve your CJM skills and you will create better maps as this course was designed by people who created professional CJM software.

What if I don't like the course?

No problem! Just send an email to within a week after the purchase and we’ll refund you, no questions asked.

How much time does the course take?

The estimated workload is 7 hours. There are no deadlines to complete it, meaning that you can learn at your own pace. You can either develop your own curriculum or use one of those we offer to learners.

When can I start the course?

You can begin the course anytime. All participants get lifetime access to the course and its future updates. After you complete the course, you will be able to review specific sections whenever you want, take it all over again, and view course updates.

What software do I need to complete the course?

You don’t need to purchase or install special software. You can create customer journey maps in a way that suits you best (e.g., with a notebook and pen). We will also give you 1 month of free access to the UXPressia paid plan so that you learn how to create CJMs with industry-standard software.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes! Just send an email to and we'll send you an invoice.


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