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Learn everything you need to know about customer journey mapping from basic concepts to creating a map from scratch.

You won’t get drowned in boring theory —
it’s all about practice.

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It is a unique and valuable resource to anyone needing a jumpstart understanding of customer journey mapping basics.

Claire Burgoyne

A truly unique course that is packed with lots of practical info. The explanations are clear and presented in a very user-friendly way.

Nikita Shcherba

Customer journey maps visualize the entire experience with a product, service, or business from a customer's point of view, helping businesses understand and address customer needs and pain points.
Journey mapping is not easy.
Knowing the CJM field inside out, we identified 6 common customer journey mapping issues that face even the best of us:

Not knowing how to get started with customer journey mapping.

Not starting mapping as you are not sure whether you have enough data to build a map.

Not understanding what information and in what format to add to the map.

Not having a proven, step-by-step CJM process in place.

Not knowing how to prioritize what is really important instead of focusing on unnecessary details.

Spending too much time on the map that is useless to your business.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

We created this course to help people like you get the skills you need to create effective customer journey maps.

Course structure
1. Introduction to journey mapping

You will learn what customer journey mapping is (and is not), its importance, basic concepts, what value it can bring, and when it's an overkill.

You will also familiarize yourself with the case and playing characters, and get the first research results.

3. Touchpoints and channels
2. Stages

You will learn what stages are in journey mapping and how they reflect the major goals your customer is trying to achieve.

You will start building your map in UXPressia by trying to define all the stages in the case.

You will get to know what touchpoints and channels are and how to differentiate them with the help of multiple examples.

Based on the real customer interview, you will practice in identifying all the possible touchpoints and channels to put on your map.

You will see whether the path customers go through is simple or too complicated by visualizing each process on the map.

4. Goals, problems, and emotions
5. Moments of truth

You will understand the role of goals, problems, and emotions in journey mapping.

You will put yourself in customer's shoes and practice with human insights: analyze and add to the map customer goals, build an emotional journey, and fill out the map's think and feel section.

You will learn about moments of Pain and Glory, why they are so crucial, and how to identify them.

Based on the map you created and all the info collected up until this point, you will practice in identifying and mapping the moments of truth in your case.

6. Conclusion. Ideas and opportunities

You will practice in finding opportunities and generating ideas on how to fix existing problems, optimize the processes, increase customer satisfaction, and other ways to improve the product or service.

Learn everything you need to know about CJM and build a real map in just 7 hours*

* The estimated workload is 7 hours

What you'll learn

What customer journey mapping is, its importance and basic concepts.

Create customer journey maps following a repeatable and proven process.

Analyze research data, transform it into valuable insights, and act on them.

Get your entire team and stakeholders aligned and communicate your ideas quicker to them.

Make better business decisions based on the information from your CJM.

Build a customer journey map with an online collaborative tool.

This course is for everyone who wants to

Improve customer experience strategy.

Make better day-to-day business decisions.

Put customers at the center of everything you do.

Target specific customers.

Ensure alignment across the board.

​Only do research that's worth the time and effort.

Learners taking this course are

UX and CX designers

Customer experience managers

Service and product innovators

Marketers and project managers

and everyone who wants to master customer journey mapping

Why choose this course
Interactive learning.

We build the whole course in a conversation-based format to make your learning experience interactive and fun.

Learn by doing.

Learn CJM concepts and tools and immediately put them into use during practical tasks.

A mentor for you.

A digital mentor will help you make the most of the course by sharing continuous feedback.

Leverage the best tools.

During the entire course, you will be using the most advanced CJM software.

Learn in a real life-like setting.

You will work with real data samples and solve real-world cases for real customers.

A real map.

Throughout the course, you’ll be creating a customer journey map based on a real business case.

Lifetime access to the course and its future updates.
Course completion certificate to prove your success.
One month of UXPressia PRO membership for FREE!
You will also get

A checklist for your next customer journey map.

Numerous CJM templates and detailed guides on how to create customer journey maps, plus other useful materials prepared by UXPressia.

The first customer journey map for your portfolio.

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Who's behind this course
Yuri Vedenin

Founder & CEO, UXPressia

Founder and CEO of UXPressia, Yuri is on a mission to help organizations and teams to become more human-centric.
He has co-founded and actively contributes to the three professional communities: for UX/CX specialists, Product Managers and Business Analysts. Yuri conducts workshops and speaks at different conferences related to UX, CX and Product Development all over the world.

Nick Efimov

Chief Product Officer, UXPressia Academy

Nikita has overall 13 years of experience in Software Development and solid knowledge in UX, user research and product management.

Being UX coach for more than 6 years at ITMINE and by himself, he organized hundreds of corporate trainings and workshops about CJM, JTBD, empathy mapping and other aspects of managing customer experience.

An online collaboration tool for building customer journey maps and creating personas and impact maps.

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