Customer Journey Mapping 


Level 1

A practical, 6-week certification program for getting acquainted with the world of Customer Journey Mapping.
This program is for anyone who wants to cement their customer journey mapping knowledge and skills and prove it by receiving a certificate from recognized CJM experts.

The certification process

PART 1. Self-paced learning

Duration: 2 weeks

Completing the online interactive “Customer Journey Mapping Fundamentals” course at the UXPressia Academy.

Solving 3 business cases in the Academy Simulator.

Getting ready for the intermediate assessment.

The intermediate assessment

Duration: 1 hour. Online

PART 2. The graduation project

Duration: 4 weeks

Working on a real project: building a customer journey map for a product/service/business case.

Conducting a series of studies: interviews, surveys, observations, etc.

Preparing for the final exam.

The final exam

Duration: 1 hour. Online or written

Presenting the project you worked on to a UXPressia representative.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive the “CJM Professional. Level 1” certificate.
You will also get

Lifetime access to the “CJM Fundamentals” course and its future updates.

UXPressia PRO membership throughout the program.

A checklist for your next customer journey map.

Numerous CJM templates and detailed guides on how to create customer journey maps, plus other useful materials prepared by UXPressia.

A bunch of customer journey maps for your portfolio.

Why choose this program
Prove your skills and knowledge

Earn industry-recognized credentials that validate your customer journey mapping experience.

Become a CJM expert

Make yourself a go-to customer journey mapping expert in your organization.

Market yourself successfully

Open the door to more career opportunities by standing out from the competition.

Looking to get your team CJM-certified?
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Certification for students

At UXPressia Academy, we believe that education needs to reflect real-life challenges.

We would love to give your students a
free access if they are enrolled in a university, college, primary or secondary school. Let your students build Customer Experience skills & and gain a competitive advantage.

Are you a student? To proof your eligibility we’ll need any of the following:

School/university/college-issued email address.

Document issued by the institution with your name, institution name, and current date (e.g. school ID card, report card, transcript, tuition bill or statement).