Customer Interview Chatbot

Hone your customer interview skills. Anywhere. Anytime. Without any stress.

Customer interview chatbot introduces you to different interview techniques and helps you practice them all. You will learn how to overcome possible difficulties to get more quality insights from talking to people, whatever the project scope is.

Start practicing now. It's FREE.

Easy to start

Dive into the world of customer interviews in a stress-free environment. Practice time-tested interview techniques before talking to people. 

Practical learning

No need to go through hours of theory to start using these techniques. Get hands-on experience through practice and feedback. Make mistakes and learn by doing.

5 minutes a day

Practice whenever you have a few free minutes. The theory and practice are broken down into bite-sized chunks so it’s easy to find time to make progress.

Always at hand

Brush up your skills with short practice wherever you are. The chatbot is mobile-friendy, so you can easily prepare for the next interview on the go.

Instant feedback

Get immediate feedback from the bot that guides you in the right direction.

And it’s also fun 😜

Start practicing now. It's FREE.


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