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Learn to ask the right questions during a customer interview

Discover 7 interview techniques to get valuable insights from talking to customers and enrich your journey maps & personas

A crucial part of a successful Journey Mapping and Personas initiative is the qualitative interview with your customers. Interviewing is a great way to understand better their needs, thoughts & feelings, pain points, and behavior.
But we have all walked away from interviews thinking "Oh no, I forgot to ask that one important question!".
This interactive course has tons of exercises to practice and ensure getting useful and actionable information from customers.

Interview techniques covered

Closed & Open-ended questions

5 Whys

Some people say


Talking about the future

5W + 1H


After taking this course, you’ll know how to:

Сraft the right questions and keep the conversation going until you have enough information.

Get to the root cause of the problem and your interviewees’ real motivations.

Get deep into the aspects of the situation and widen the search.

Gain a deeper understanding of the problem and explore the context around it.