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Educate your clients at scale & earn more

Edpard is an online platform for organizing the training to your clients on the key principles of CJM, Personas, and everything that falls under the umbrella of Customer Experience.
Your Digital Edu Partner 
A tool that helps you earn by teaching your clients

Make your offer more valuable.

Add CX training on top of your proposal to create better Value Proposition for your clients.

Engage the ones who missed your offline training.

Not everyone can join your live classes and workshops. EdPard will help you extend your outreach and engage those who can’t learn from you in person.

Before project kick off.

Get everyone up to CX pace with EdPard at the earliest stages of your project. And save time during working sessions.

Focus on a sustainable change.

Invest your time and effort in transforming your clients’ companies and let EdPard take care of the training.

Save costs on learning materials

Creating an online-course can take months. And it’s just the prep-work before engaging the client.

Stop wasting time thinking of theory and practical exercises. Use our building blocks to put together a program that will fit for your client. The number of the blocks is always growing.

Our conversation-based and hands-on approach will ensure engagement across your client’s team. They will ask for more!

Establish long-term relationships with your client

Keep the client engaged even after the project ends. Let EdPard be their go-to CX learning platform. Keep a steady income.

Help teach beginners.

Come up with courses for beginners so everyone on the team can get up to speed with CX and start making their contribution.

Keep learning cases fresh with the simulator.

Add new business cases inside of the simulator and keep your client’s teams in shape.

Transparent payment model

Pay us a fixed price for each user, and determine your own price for your customers.

Key features

Practical courses

Use ready-made online courses to speed up customer training:

  • Conversation-based education for higher engagement.

  • Practice with real data samples: customer interviews, support logs, analytics, surveys, etc.

  • A consistent real-life story for each course.


EdPard Simulator

A load of practical exercises & case-studies that will help your clients integrate their theoretical knowledge into practice.


Add your own cases that work for your client’s business domain.


Customized learning paths

You can create different sets of courses for each client:

  • Customize the sequence of courses.

  • Make them voluntary or compulsory.

  • Arrange different sets for different levels of knowledge.


Platform personalisation

Customize your account: add your logo and domain.

Customize the digital course mentor: set your photo and name.

Enough of us talking
Go and see for yourselves what EdPard can do
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