UXPressia Academy: group discounts

We know that learning with colleagues and friends makes a learning experience much more enjoyable and effective. And we encourage you to bring them along to the UXPressia Academy.
Enroll for our course in a group of 5-10 individuals and enjoy a discount:

5-7 individuals — a 20% discount

8-10 individuals — a 40% discount

More than 10 participants? Contact academy@uxpressia.com to get a bigger discount.

How it works
To enroll as a group and access a discount, follow these steps:

Make sure that all participants have a registered account on the UXPressia Academy.

Contact academy@uxpressia.com and provide email addresses that participants used to register their UXPressia Academy accounts.

You will receive an email from us with a discount code to pay the reduced fee. Please note that the discount will be valid for 48 hours.