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Claire Burgoyne

Senior Customer Experience Specialist

Workshops and conferences are a few alternatives to learning about customer journey mapping, creating impact maps, and personas. However, these can be expensive, time constrained, and difficult to take away real value back to the company.


Online education tools such as this would be valuable for our team and other stakeholders within the organization who are time constrained, but would benefit from understanding the process and takeaways related to these customer experience outputs.

Customer journey mapping is not often taught in a classroom, and there is very little information online and in books that describes in detail how the process works. This course not only provided this information, but it did so in a way that was interactive, fun, and related to a real life example. It is a unique and valuable resource to anyone needing a jumpstart understanding of customer journey mapping basics.


A truly unique courses that are packed with lots of practical info. The explanations are clear and presented in a very user-friendly way.


I know a lot of courses where you just have to read from screen to screen, so it doesn’t feel like something special. But here I felt like I’m the main character of the story.


Absolutely fantastic courses!

Nikita Shcherba

Business Analyst