Develop practical skills required by customer-centric industries

For Teams


Achieve quick wins in starting and managing journey mapping initiatives within your organization

For Individuals


3 courses to advance your career with new skills. Stand out from the competition

Customer centricity starts from within: your team's mindset and business goals should revolve around solving your customers' problems and constantly improving their experience.
"Putting your customers first" is not enough.

Academy for Individuals

You want to step up your Customer Experience game or freshen up the existing knowledge?
Academy can help you hone your skills by teaching you the concepts and tools you need.
You will immediately apply them through practical exercises and solving case studies.

Learn at your own pace, build the right skills at the right time.

Customer Journey Mapping Fundamentals

A practical online course to get started with journey mapping.
Learn the proven step-by-step process of creating a journey map from scratch.


Customer Interview Techniques

Learn to ask the right questions during a customer interview.
Discover 7 interview techniques to get valuable insights from talking to customers and enrich your journey maps & personas.





Learn to build insightful personas to win your audience.
Create effective production-ready personas in 8 easy steps with our conversation-based course.


Special Offers

Starter Pack

Customer Journey Mapping + Personas Fundamentals

All courses bundle

Customer Journey Mapping + Personas + Interview Techniques


Earn a certificate

Stand out from the competition and prove your skills by getting a certificate of completion for your CV or LinkedIn profile.


Academy for Teams

Have you ever been in the following situations?


Feeling down after a false start


We tried but didn't get any business and customer positive outcomes.


Launching a portfolio of maps


We are trying to figure out how to launch a portfolio of journey maps to continuously improve CX.


Not sure where to start


We've heard only good things about Journey Mapping, but we're not sure where to start.


Thinking of a unified language


We need to have a unified language for all teams across the organization.

We understand you


We know how much time and resources it takes to get started with a journey mapping initiative and involve people in journey mapping within both the team and the entire company.

Academy for Teams guides those who are making their first steps in this direction. Or those who want to effectively manage all their journey mapping initiatives and set up the right processes.


You will get


Journey Management Framework and playbooks to set up processes


Guides on how to use UXPressia software at each stage of the Framework


Do you want your team to do customer research, create personas and customer journey maps, and make customer-centric decisions, but your educational resources are limited?

Academy for Teams will help you spread knowledge across the team to achieve better results.

Journey Management Framework

... is a system of rules, principles, and ideas to help you plan your work. You can build your processes and even
a company's culture around it.


This Framework can be used by teams that don't know where to start their journey or how to set up processes within their team. It's also useful for experienced folks and leaders who want to scale and manage all journey mapping initiatives and have a unified process across different teams.

Are you trying to build a customer-centric culture in your company and reap its benefits? Would you like to establish a common customer-centric language and mindset across teams?

Academy for Teams will unlock your members’ superpower and steer your business towards an outstanding customer experience.

Academy for Education


Are you enrolled in a university, college, primary or secondary school ? We believe in the power of learning and would love to give you a student discount 😍


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